Torah Thoughts: You Are Not Alone……..

Shalom! If you are reading this, God has already put you on a path of discovering truth! I have been on this spiritual walk for a little over 3 years, and I have changed so much in just that short period of time. Although I would never refer to myself as a teacher(unless it’s my children), I felt it was necessary to be an assistance to those who were also on this same walk. The narrow road can seem to be lonely and we are seeking like minds to confirm if we are on the right track. When we first discover never discussed truths about the Bible, we are eager to discuss them with others. Many times, because these thoughts either seem old, silly, or “jewish” to many people, a immediate wall of separation is set into place. In most cases, it is for the best, but we still find it hard to believe the journey can be lonely. This was one of the reasons this website was started.

When your eyes are opened by the creator, you begin to feel isolated away from society more and more. Don’t worry, that is a great thing! Truth can become so apparent, that is sometimes makes you think you are in the twilight zone. But we must realize, that the Most High wants to isolate us so that we are different from the world. With sin and debauchery becoming the social norm, doing “the right thing” can make you appear as a weirdo. Please do not let the world and their always changing social and gender norms deter us from discovering the truth of the Bible.

While America vocally promotes independence and freedom of speech, it is not widely accepted or practiced ( unless it promotes new age ideas). Ironically, we are conditioned to think like the majority and you are labeled “not normal” if you think different from the majority. Well, the “majority” will not succeed at life, so we should not base on opinions on lab rat mindsets that pollutes society. Instead, we should embrace independent thought and answer out curiosities that can lead us to life’s answers.

I am very blessed to have my wife and children on the journey with me ( I actually joined her, lol), but I do realize the journey can be lonely for many people who may not have a strong support system. Even with family sometimes, we can still feel alone. Please remember this process is always necessary because it allows to get closer to God, which will always completely balance our lives. But once we come to grips with the journey we must take, we will discover that there are people on the same walk. Be thankful that you are different from society, or that you are not different from the way God intended from you to be? We all are not alone because we are together in Yah our Creator, and in his time, he will bring us all together.

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Author: Torahtassels

Who is Torah Tassels? Me and my family have been on this walk for almost four years now. While I had been raised a “traditional” church, my eyes were truly opened when I started to study the Bible for myself. My wife eyes was actually opened first, and I was a little reluctant at first. Like many, I felt like I would give my life to Jesus at my “own” time. But after noticing the changes in our society, and reading things in the Bible that I had never heard before, it became evident that myself and the world was on the wrong track. We have learned so many things in a short period of time, and I am blessed and grate to have my wife and two sons on the road with me. I wanted to start this blog to help those who are also on the walk, and may need that extra boost. We all are searching for truth and peace, and I am finding out what that truly means and feels like. We all have the opportunity to lift ourselves from these burdens and I want to be of any assistance I can to our glorious father!

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