Torah Thoughts: Vice, Let go!

Shalom! Coming out of the world, we ALL have many vices we are holding on to. In many cases, we do not find out we are using something as a vice until we find it hard to just let it go. When I looked up the term “Vice”, it was referred to as ” immoral or wicked behavior “. (well, that’s pretty vague). Interestingly, I also looked up the term “vise”, which is a common work tool. It’s definition states ” a metal tool with movable jaws that are used to hold an object firmly in place while work is done on it “. We actually get a better understanding of “vice” with the work tool definition. See, vices keep us held in a particular positions, for evil spirits to work on us, rather than Yah. We commonly view vices as drinking, smoking, gambling, etc. Although theses are common vices, the truth is, anything can be a vice to a person. Sometimes, it is not that something is “wicked or immoral”, but us simply putting something above Yah, which is wicked. The point of the vice is to hold us down in place so you do not move forward. Just because you may not have 3 glasses of wine everyday, does not mean something else has you in a locked state of mind. Something such as “pleasing your parents” or “scrolling through your phone” can be a vice if it is blocking you from spiritual maturity.

We must first acknowledge what has a hold of us, instead of living in denial. After confronting the vice( or demon), ask yourself , “can I live without this?”. In most all cases, you can live without it. If going cold turkey is not your thing, it is Ok to limit the habit slowly until you have lost all dependence, we have to start somewhere. Giving up the vice doesn’t always mean we have to give up the thing altogether ( unless it is sinful anyway) , but not be daily dependent on these things. We fall into these habits because they are common to us, but they slowly stunt our spiritual growth that our father wants us to tap into. Yah is the only thing we need on a daily basis. As humans, we can sometimes trade a vice for another vice. Replace the vice with more time with Yah! We must learn to slowly detach ourselves from the world, which does take time. Once we get out of the propaganda, false religion, and everything else the world has to offer, we must judge our own personal thoughts and desires. We have to constantly be aware of ourselves, so that we do not fall back into our old lives. Many of us are quick to judge another person’s fault, but may have another thing we are also holding on to as well. Again, the familiar things of this world try their best to keep us locked in a sleep state of mind, so we must always be aware of our habits so we don’t fall in a deep sleep. Everyone has their own personal battles, and ultimately , it is between yourself and Yah. Pray daily that we are not tied by the tangible things of this world, but tied to the Kingdom!

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Author: Torahtassels

Who is Torah Tassels? Me and my family have been on this walk for almost four years now. While I had been raised a “traditional” church, my eyes were truly opened when I started to study the Bible for myself. My wife eyes was actually opened first, and I was a little reluctant at first. Like many, I felt like I would give my life to Jesus at my “own” time. But after noticing the changes in our society, and reading things in the Bible that I had never heard before, it became evident that myself and the world was on the wrong track. We have learned so many things in a short period of time, and I am blessed and grate to have my wife and two sons on the road with me. I wanted to start this blog to help those who are also on the walk, and may need that extra boost. We all are searching for truth and peace, and I am finding out what that truly means and feels like. We all have the opportunity to lift ourselves from these burdens and I want to be of any assistance I can to our glorious father!

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