Torah Thoughts: Single in Torah, the better option?

I am currently in 1 Corinthians 7 , and I have definitely re-discovering valuable writings from Paul in regards to marriage and relationships. Now, thank Yah that I do have a wife on the same spiritual journey as me, but what if that was not the case. I often wonder, “How would I navigate through Torah if I where single?” Often, people who are not in relationships feel the pressure to be married or “just not be lonely”. Not being in a committed relationship is viewed by our society as if you are missing something from life. Many of these feelings just come from media being constantly thrown at us, and wanting the money out of our pockets. Once we throw away society’s stigmas and apply Torah understanding to our life, we may see that maybe being married isn’t the better option.

Now, is marriage bad? No, we know the a marriage can definitely be beneficial to man and wife, and the marriage is regarded as holy, but it does divide your time? Like Paul explains in 1 Corinthians, when you are married, you just cannot give Yah all the time he deserves. Although, we should always do the BEST we can, there are only so many hours in a day. Marriage requires time and patience, and we struggle with that many times even if we are on the same path with our significant other. Some perhaps do not choose the most compatible spouse it the first place, which requires work on top of work. But, scripture tells us to stick with marriage if we have chosen to be married, so there is no backing out. If children are involved, your time in the day is cut tremendously. With just that, where is time of Yah? Not saying married people don’t worship or don’t worship enough, but our attention is definitely divided, which could lead to cutting time for Yah out. As our father knows each individual situation, he gives us what we can handle.

Now, lets say you don’t have a spouse or children. That gives a advantage to devote more of yourself to the creator. Women and men must submit to Yah before their spouse, and how much easier is that if you are single. First I thought, that would be hard to be alone on this walk, but after reading scripture, I realized it probably would be a easier walk for most people. The woman does not need to check with her husband, get the kids ready for bed, cook a big dinner, please her husband, etc, but she has the time to dive into scripture and not be limited by restraints. Now , some do still have children and no significant other. But even with that, you have more time to put into Yah and your children, which we have to build for the future. For the man, he does have to check in with the wife, work 50+ hours a week to pay the bills, etc, but he is free to study and go out into the world as spiritual warrior. You have the option to visit more believers not just in your area, devote long hours to study, and go through a lot of self introspection. Now with this being said, we should not go out a just have miscellaneous sex. If you are going to choose to single, I think Yah prefers us to be celibate. If you cannot contain yourself, you probably need to be married. But if we are single, and not engaging in extracurricular sex, our minds will be more clear than ever. There is no “what will she think?” or “how will he react?”, but you can come to God with no restraints from those around us. Now, we all do still have personal battles, but that is always between you and Yah only.

I encourage all believers, but especially the “single” believer, that you are actually a big part of getting the truth out. You who are not bound by communication arguments and family mortgage, should realize you are probably in the better position. This walk requires us to free ourselves, and how much better can Yah work with us when we have less shackles. Whether we are single or married, we should be always striving to get closer to Yah first, and everything else will fall into place.

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Author: Torahtassels

Who is Torah Tassels? Me and my family have been on this walk for almost four years now. While I had been raised a “traditional” church, my eyes were truly opened when I started to study the Bible for myself. My wife eyes was actually opened first, and I was a little reluctant at first. Like many, I felt like I would give my life to Jesus at my “own” time. But after noticing the changes in our society, and reading things in the Bible that I had never heard before, it became evident that myself and the world was on the wrong track. We have learned so many things in a short period of time, and I am blessed and grate to have my wife and two sons on the road with me. I wanted to start this blog to help those who are also on the walk, and may need that extra boost. We all are searching for truth and peace, and I am finding out what that truly means and feels like. We all have the opportunity to lift ourselves from these burdens and I want to be of any assistance I can to our glorious father!

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  1. I was literally contemplating this just two days ago. As a married woman, I know that marriage can be such a blessing. But I also know the difficulty of finding time to spend with the Father. (I know I could do better with this in my current situation.) I believe the foundation for all of us should be humble submission to the Father and to our spouses. But as you are saying, how much greater would it be to live a submitted life to the Father alone without the “cares” of natural families. Again, not that having natural families are bad. It’s a heart condition that enables us to be yielded in whatever situation we find ourselves in. We need to find a place of contentment and submission to the Father’s plan and will. It’s a challenge regardless of marital status. Thanks for this! I think it’s timely and necessary!!

    1. Thanks so much for you input. Agreed! Although there is a common goal and foundation for everyone, the Father will give us a plan catered to our current situation.

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