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One of the major deceptions that the enemy has challenged the followers of Yah and the rest of the world is the unimportance of the family unit. The family is the oldest human institution and most important. Families make up the basis of every society, because they serve the three vital human needs found everywhere. One vital human need is the production and rearing of the offspring. As I have stated in previous blog; labor and delivery has become labeled as primitive and unimportant. Woman are taught in media and  institutional learning, that they have better things to do with their lives. Healthcare has treated pregnancy and birth like a medical procedure. Children are viewed in most cases as expensive and burdensome. Most couples that do get married opt out of starting families. The first way of breaking down the family structure is to get rid of the leader. The patriarchy is a system of society or government in which the father or eldest male is head of the family and descent is traced through the male line. But in the Hebrew, father means “standing pole “or the strength of the house. In Hebraic culture, the father provides the strength, support and structure to the household. He is also considered commander of the family’s army. He is the provider of offspring to continue the line. He also is the family’s priest and lead teacher. First and foremost, I see a contrast in the two definitions. In Hebrew, the father is the tent pole so the house can not stand without it. I think we can clearly see in society the affects of fatherless homes. One in four children, live without a biological, step, or adoptive father. Children that grow up without a strong male lead in the household are; 4x as likely to live in poverty, 2x as likely to have behavioral and emotional problems. Children are also more likely to commit crimes and more likely to come in to contact with various types of abuse. So I urge any sisters reading this to rebuke this concept that you don’t need a man. Male leadership is not and should not be oppressive. This is a lie sent from demons. We are in the last stages before our King comes back, so we need to denounce all false doctrines. We can not afford to be farther led astray.

Hope this bless you all. Shalom

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Author: Ms.TorahTassles

Who is" Ms Torah Tassels"? I am a wife and a mother of two. I am 33 years old, and I have been on my spiritual journey for three and a half years. I am by no way a teacher. I am still someone learning myself., but I wanted to write this blog to do my part in spreading the 'good news'. I want to be as transparent as possible and share my continuous journey with other believers as well as those coming into the faith. I want to testify to the holy spirit's transforming powers through the obedience of Torah. My husband and I started this blog to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith to have courage and faith in the process. The refinement does not happen overnight, but trust me in time it will change you for the better. I am amazed to see this new person in the mirror that looks like me but certainly doesn't act like me. And the crazy thing about it is that this is not the finally product, there is still work to be done. I am a regular person with regular flaws and fear alike, and I struggle with doubts like any other human being. In this blog I with share options along with thoughts on everyday life in my perspective. I will share some topics that will be disagreed by some and others may cause offense. I encourage content to be taking with a grain of salt. I look forward to talking with people of like mindedness. Shalom

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