T.U.T: “Time Under Tension”

Greetings to everyone reading this blog! If you are Torah observant, pat yourself on the back (you’ve made it though the holidays). What a blessing to have been delivered from the curse of consumerism and paganism we once endured living in the world. But now we are delivered by His mighty hand and chosen by his mercy to live a more fulfilling lifestyle. Praise Yahweh! I decided to write today to talk about how great Torah is. Torah allows the veil that was once covering our eyes to be lifted so we can see clearly. If I had to chose one great thing about Torah (among many) it would be the way Torah slowly makes things true and how it affects everything around us. I was recently reading James 1:2-12, and found new understanding that I would like to share with you today. Like I said in previous blogs, I am embarking on a fitness journey, to try to be an healthier person. I’ve been dieting and exercising for about six months. It is not like I can see a drastic change in my physique , but I can certainly feel a difference in my body. Since I’ve been working out, I’ve learned a few things. I’ve learned about “T.U.T ” as I like to refer to it as Time Under Tension. The purpose of weight training is to literally damage and tear the muscles so the body can repair them. When the body repairs the muscles it makes them stronger and more resilient. Hence the saying, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. As humans we either run from pain or become accustom to it. But the problem is not the pain, but what we do with it. Yah will test our faith the see if we are strong enough to handle “Time under Tension “, or trials and persecution. We must build strong muscle, or faith. We will all be tested to see if we are worthy of the Father’s reward, which is Him.We need to take life’s small test to build endurance for the final and most important test. I know its hard but be thankful for the less than great times, it truly makes a difference. Shalom!

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Author: Ms.TorahTassles

Who is" Ms Torah Tassels"? I am a wife and a mother of two. I am 33 years old, and I have been on my spiritual journey for three and a half years. I am by no way a teacher. I am still someone learning myself., but I wanted to write this blog to do my part in spreading the 'good news'. I want to be as transparent as possible and share my continuous journey with other believers as well as those coming into the faith. I want to testify to the holy spirit's transforming powers through the obedience of Torah. My husband and I started this blog to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith to have courage and faith in the process. The refinement does not happen overnight, but trust me in time it will change you for the better. I am amazed to see this new person in the mirror that looks like me but certainly doesn't act like me. And the crazy thing about it is that this is not the finally product, there is still work to be done. I am a regular person with regular flaws and fear alike, and I struggle with doubts like any other human being. In this blog I with share options along with thoughts on everyday life in my perspective. I will share some topics that will be disagreed by some and others may cause offense. I encourage content to be taking with a grain of salt. I look forward to talking with people of like mindedness. Shalom

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