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Greetings to all my Torah family! The Father continues to be gracious in our lives by forgiving the deeds we committed in the old flesh and refining the “new self”, operating in the spirit. I often look in the mirror and wonder,”Who’s that girl?”. I still look like me, but I don’t act or think the way I used to. If I know that I have changed, I should understand why other people don’t recognize me, right?

At the beginning of this journey, I had trouble presenting the “new me” to people who had known me my whole life. But to be honest, I still encounter adversity from time to time. At first, being excited about my newness, I would tell my loved ones the “truth” only to be met with hostility. I couldn’t understand it.The same good news that bought such clarity and joy in my life made people avoid me like the plague. I made the mistake of assuming the word was meant for everyone. Yeshua tells us not to give dogs what is sacred(Matt.7:6). So I’m I calling my loved ones dogs? well yes and no. It is irrelevant what we think. Yah will choose who he will reveal himself to, not us. Then you have to deal with telling loved ones “no” when it comes to holidays and unclean foods. Of course, you have that religious uncle that says all things were made clean with Christ. And how can we forget the person who thinks they can convert you back by telling you about all the things you”used” to do. I am sure you(the reader) has experienced most of these occurrences. But, to your friends and family’s defense, you would probably get mad if someone started speaking to you in a different language other than your native tongue. Most of your life you have been operating in dysfunction. Then you found Torah and it put things back in its rightful place. We must then understand you are the one, out of place and set apart, which is a wonderful thing, even though it can feel lonely in this space.

Maybe I can bring it home with this example. Yes, I still watch television from time to time. One of my favorite shows on Netflix is “The Crown”(well, season one and two at least). I will just take it for granted that most of you are familiar with the show. In one of the episodes, Queen Elizabeth was struggling with her new queen-ship, by upholding the duties of being queen, while maintaining who everyone know her as. Okay, that was the premise of the episode, so she called her uncle, David( who was the former king). He explained that the battle between her and her role as queen will always be a conflict, and when you have the kingdom, you must protect it. I am here to tell you, the kingdom of heaven is near and we don’t have time to people please nor sugarcoat. We must accept that the seed will fall on various soils, and not all seeds will bare fruit. My next statement will sound harsh, maybe even a bit cold, but stop wasting time on people who want you to convince them about the truth. The truth is true no matter who  wants to believe it. When Yeshua sent out the twelve in Matthew 10, did he say to feel sorry and pray for every disbeliever? The answer is no. If the individual belongs to Israel, then they will understand the language and laws(Torah). Peace and Blessings. Shalom!
Suggested Reading:Matt.7:6 ,10 ,13:1-23 Parable of the Sower

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Author: Ms.TorahTassles

Who is" Ms Torah Tassels"? I am a wife and a mother of two. I am 33 years old, and I have been on my spiritual journey for three and a half years. I am by no way a teacher. I am still someone learning myself., but I wanted to write this blog to do my part in spreading the 'good news'. I want to be as transparent as possible and share my continuous journey with other believers as well as those coming into the faith. I want to testify to the holy spirit's transforming powers through the obedience of Torah. My husband and I started this blog to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith to have courage and faith in the process. The refinement does not happen overnight, but trust me in time it will change you for the better. I am amazed to see this new person in the mirror that looks like me but certainly doesn't act like me. And the crazy thing about it is that this is not the finally product, there is still work to be done. I am a regular person with regular flaws and fear alike, and I struggle with doubts like any other human being. In this blog I with share options along with thoughts on everyday life in my perspective. I will share some topics that will be disagreed by some and others may cause offense. I encourage content to be taking with a grain of salt. I look forward to talking with people of like mindedness. Shalom

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