Should we fear the Coronavirus?

Shalom! This virus has really took America and the world by storm in the last couple of weeks, and people are fearing for the worst. I honestly don’t understand what the big deal is, and it just appears to be the latest propaganda during the time of elections. For Torah believers , should we really be scared of this virus? Not at all! Our country survives by promoting fear in the citizens, causing us to make rash decisions. While we have little known concrete information about this “Coronaviras” , “COVID-19” , or what ever they want to call it, the media has made this a big issue. (They should just call it the Bat-virus, since all this came from just one slain bat, they say) It sounds like the flu, but I guess people did not get injected with enough flu shots last year… When we turn our lives over to Yah, we are taught to only fear him, and that is all. As we have come out of the world, we should not be consumed by what the world fears. While people are stocking up a toilet-tissue and hand sanitizer, how about we just dive deep into the word of our creator. The word has spoke about these times, and we rejoice that his time is coming.

Now, I do believe we all should be aware of whats going on around us, but not be “consumed” or “driven” by it. We know in the end times, there will be many things going on, including mass hysteria. The bible has spoke about all these things, as they have been going on for centuries. I will say that the signs have increased over the last 30 years, and that should make us more happy than scared. We should rejoice because while all these things are going on, Yah is gathering his people for the end times. When we remove ourselves from the world, we also have to remove that fear that we once had. Trump can’t save us, Biden can’t save us, but only Yah can. While people are going crazy, I’m sure if you told one of them to pick a bible up, they would look at you crazy. Be aware of the tricks and be calm in these times. While you may think, “should I be taking this seriously since others are?”, you should not. While I am definitely not against you packing a back-pack in case you have to flee, we should not be buying 12 years worth of toilet paper.

We also have to understand that Yah is a God a war, and he will bring judgement on all of the world. Many will die around you, but if you trust in Yah, he will keep you safe. In regards to judgement, I frequently hear about fires and hurricanes destroying houses and buildings, and a Bible will be left in tact. While most worldly people or “jesus-freaks” will say that is inspiring, Why are we not trained to look at that as the judgment of Yah? We could definitely take that as a warning to get our life on track because his judgment may take you out next. It should only inspire us to read the Bible so we can save ourselves and our children.

Please, Please do not let this bat-virus fool you, but get prepared for our Passover celebration coming up, as this is a joyous time. ( maybe you will get out of work all week…)We want to be ready for Yeshua when he comes back, and we will not be ready if are worried about the propaganda around us. As I stated, be aware but not consumed. I pray that Yah guides you to truth in these trying times. Shalom!

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Author: Torahtassels

Who is Torah Tassels? Me and my family have been on this walk for almost four years now. While I had been raised a “traditional” church, my eyes were truly opened when I started to study the Bible for myself. My wife eyes was actually opened first, and I was a little reluctant at first. Like many, I felt like I would give my life to Jesus at my “own” time. But after noticing the changes in our society, and reading things in the Bible that I had never heard before, it became evident that myself and the world was on the wrong track. We have learned so many things in a short period of time, and I am blessed and grate to have my wife and two sons on the road with me. I wanted to start this blog to help those who are also on the walk, and may need that extra boost. We all are searching for truth and peace, and I am finding out what that truly means and feels like. We all have the opportunity to lift ourselves from these burdens and I want to be of any assistance I can to our glorious father!

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  1. I needed to read this, I’ve worked my self up into a panic crises . Not just for me but for my dog. I am in my eighties live alone. I’m afraid that there will no one to take care of him. if anything happens to me.I think with horror of him being here alone with me.This message has helped me so much . Thank you sincerely. Josie.

    1. Hey Josie,

      We hope you and your dog are still safe, and Yah will watch over us during these crazy times.

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