Our Lives Actually Do Not Matter…..

It angers me to constantly see all the media orchestrated racism and political unrest. They tell us the black lives are being affected on an everyday basis by our white counterparts. I have grown up in a Southern republican state my whole life, and from my personal experience, these claims by the media are absolute nonsense. We must understand that what is constantly being pushed in our face is not for our best interest and is actually creating division. While they tell us they want unity, they really do not. What they want is a one world government, a for all people to be led by fear.

See, we should fear no one but YAH, and we should allow him to do the dividing. But see, we have come to a time in history where he is dividing up his sheep from the wild and silly goats. There is something definitely happening in the atmosphere, but it is not what the media is telling us. While we are told that viruses and racism are tearing the world apart, we are actually gearing up for the fight between what is holy and what is evil. To the powers that be, it is not about black lives or all lives, but about the control over our lives. They don’t give two cents about us, and none of our lives actually matter to them. We are being driven to pick a side, and both of them are on the same side. We should be choosing the side of Yah in these unpredictable times. See, Yah does not divide up his sheep based on skin color or party choice, but based on who follows his Torah, and we must remember that. If you protesting right now based on what you have seen in the media, PLEASE STOP, you are just helping Satan. If you are not following Yah, your life does not matter to him, whether you are black or white.

This is definitely a side note, but are the original children of Israel being used to propagate a lie? The answer is YES. If black lives matter, why don’t they tell black people they are the actual people of the Bible? That would clear up a lot of confusion, but they won’t because that would actually open up the true lies of America. Are black people being killed or discriminated based on solely their skin color in 2020? NO! Black people are just living out the curses for not obeying the Torah that was given to them. We must come out of what is being told to us, and dig much deeper to get the real answers. While we are focusing on spoiled milk, we should be trying to get back to the original plan of Yah, period.

Fellow believers, I urge you to cling to the Bible, and gain your spiritual foundation, as it is the only thing that will save you. The mask won’t save you, the vaccine won’t save you, and protesting won’t save you. We should be aware of what is going on, but also be removing ourselves from the perverse world and its traditions. I pray the Yah watched over you, Shalom.

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Author: Torahtassels

Who is Torah Tassels? Me and my family have been on this walk for almost four years now. While I had been raised a “traditional” church, my eyes were truly opened when I started to study the Bible for myself. My wife eyes was actually opened first, and I was a little reluctant at first. Like many, I felt like I would give my life to Jesus at my “own” time. But after noticing the changes in our society, and reading things in the Bible that I had never heard before, it became evident that myself and the world was on the wrong track. We have learned so many things in a short period of time, and I am blessed and grate to have my wife and two sons on the road with me. I wanted to start this blog to help those who are also on the walk, and may need that extra boost. We all are searching for truth and peace, and I am finding out what that truly means and feels like. We all have the opportunity to lift ourselves from these burdens and I want to be of any assistance I can to our glorious father!

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