What is God’s Name?

In a Christian based society, where the idea of God is is quite vague, we find ourselves questioning whether or not God is really talking to us. You will hear many people say, “a name isn’t important, and God will hear us regardless”. That is a big fallacy. My name is Chaz, and it bothers me personally when people call me “Chad”. Like most people, who have a high amount of self esteem, get offended if your name is mispronounced, let alone just fully omitted. With that being said, how can the ultimate creator not care what you call him. Think about like this ( for most things in life). If I want accept that for myself, will “God” accept it?

Let’s look at this “God”. Although our father is the ultimate god, we cannot ignore the fact that there are other gods. Whether fact or fictional, Gods have come in all shapes and sizes over time. Depending on your religion, your “God” can look different and go by another name. I’m sure everyone has heard of Zeus, but yet we don’t know the name of creator of the Bible. That is ludicrous!

Well, it seems society did think the name was important at some point in history. See the name name has slowly disappeared over several translations. You can find many versions of “God” used over time such as Alla, Elohim, Jehovah, El-Shaddai, etc., but the original Hebrew text contained the formal name for our God, which is “Yahweh or YHWH”. “YHWH” is the pronounced “Yod-Hey-Waw-Hey”. Somewhere before the King James version, the name was taken away because it was thought to be “too sacred” for the common person. Since then, we have lost the true name of our creator and have been led to believe it is no big deal. Some believe that “Jehovah” is that name for God or Jesus( His real name is Yeshua, but that is another topic). That poses a problem since the letter “J” was not introduced into language until Greek times. With almost everything in life, you always want to go to the source to find the most original meaning or understanding. That’s where we will find the name of our true God and get a better understanding on what was intended for the reader to grasp.

In most bible versions, where the word “Lord” appears, it was actually “YHWH”, which makes a lot more sense. In Isaiah 42:8 , he states“I am the LORD; that is my name! I will not yield my glory to another or my praise to idols.” . The term “lord” is simply a person or deity who has power, or control over group of people. A human can be a “lord”, which can be compared to a King or a ruler. “Lord” is not a formal name or title. It compare to me saying, “I am a Man, and that is my name”. Clearly, that is not my name, and makes no logical sense. It would make more sense for me to say, “My name is Chaz, and that is my name”. In Isaiah 42.8, and countless other scriptures, he gives us his ACTUAL name so we know who he is. We also have to consider the term “God”, which is pretty vague. When you look deeper into scriptures, everything and anyone can be your “God” including Idols. You see “Idols” have really taken the place of God in our society, and we must not get them confused. “Idols” are statues, images, tangible things that we as humans tend to give to much power to, but by knowing the TRUE name of our creator, we allow ourselves to make a distinction on what truly comes from him rather than other deities or idols.

The importance of knowing the true name is like you knowing the name of your biological father. As a believer, how can we say we believe a God that we don’t even his name. Don’t beat yourself up, but be proud God has opened your eyes if you are reading this. We all are searching for ways to get closer to God, and the first step is too know his name. Although we should not consume ourselves with outside forces, we must be aware that they exist. In turn, we must be aware who we are praying to. Satan can also “pretend” to be God, and bless you with “earthly” things ( money, status, recognition, tangible materials, etc.) We want all our prayers to be heard by the correct source, not one pretending to be.

I encourage you all to go out and do some research for yourself, and you will be amazed!  

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