Form Vs Function: Part 5

HalleluYah! Praise be the name of Yah now and forever. Greetings to all my sisters and brothers in Torah. Hope all is well and everyone is safe and healthy. Let us not live in fear, but in anticipation of His holy work. Today we will continue in Proverb 31.

Verse 14:She is like the merchant ship,bringing her food from a far. My husband actually helped me realize something new about this verse more in depth. I think this can be looked at in two ways. First way is,that merchant ships bring things from foreign places. I feel the passage is highlighting the fact that she puts a lot of effort in selecting the food she feeds to her family;much like the material she uses. The other way is the fact that merchant ships are usually anticipated, so her role is very important in her family’s life. She is trusted and honored by them.

Verse 15: She gets up while it is still dark, she provides food for her family and servants. This passage is pretty self explanatory or is it? This passage tells us that she is studious, waking up before the sun to plan and prepare for her day. She is wise enough to plan, prepare,and then provide. She treats her servants fairly. No one has to ask her for anything. She provides freely.

Verse 16: She considers a field and buys it; out of her earnings she plants a vineyard. This verse is my favorite, because it dis-spells the myth that woman aren’t business oriented. First, it says she considers;meaning she does not foolishly waste money. She is calculated with her decisions. Then, it says she purchases it from her own earnings. But,what I really pull from this passage is it that;It is okay for woman to have her own business or career. We also see that she takes care of her household first. A woman first priority is the home. After the home is taking care lacking nothing, she is free to do as she pleases within reason. I will continue with the next four verses in next post. Hope this bring clarity to some one. Shalom!

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Who is" Ms Torah Tassels"? I am a wife and a mother of two. I am 33 years old, and I have been on my spiritual journey for three and a half years. I am by no way a teacher. I am still someone learning myself., but I wanted to write this blog to do my part in spreading the 'good news'. I want to be as transparent as possible and share my continuous journey with other believers as well as those coming into the faith. I want to testify to the holy spirit's transforming powers through the obedience of Torah. My husband and I started this blog to encourage our brothers and sisters in the faith to have courage and faith in the process. The refinement does not happen overnight, but trust me in time it will change you for the better. I am amazed to see this new person in the mirror that looks like me but certainly doesn't act like me. And the crazy thing about it is that this is not the finally product, there is still work to be done. I am a regular person with regular flaws and fear alike, and I struggle with doubts like any other human being. In this blog I with share options along with thoughts on everyday life in my perspective. I will share some topics that will be disagreed by some and others may cause offense. I encourage content to be taking with a grain of salt. I look forward to talking with people of like mindedness. Shalom

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  1. Shalom! This brought forth clarity to my day. Todah much for this delightful read for today. You have given me some insight for when scripture talks about getting food from afar. It also made me think of the movie Bruce Almighty where he(Jim Carrey’s character) summons coffee from the middle east i believe. It makes me wonder where our food actually comes from. Thank You for your blog. Blessings to you both.

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