Form Vs. Function: Part 3

Greetings,to everyone reading this post. I hope all is well with you, considering the times. I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe. Today we will be continuing our discussion about Proverbs 31. I wanted to mention, these things I’m going to talk about will be contrary to popular western beliefs about gender roles or the lack of. Again , this study is geared toward women who seek to live a Torah focused lifestyle. Today’s study will be covering Proverbs 31:10. Verse 10:”A wife of noble character who can”? To understand this verse, we must understand why this woman is hard to find. First,we must explore the definition and natural function of a wife. The word in the Hebrew  for wife is “ishshah”. Ishshah ,means a woman belonging to a man. Yes, that is what it means. So, there is no such thing has an independent thinking married woman, it does not exist. The feminist movement, brought  a lot of negativity to the traditional roles of being a wife, and I admit this was the way I used to think, but the Torah brings understanding and makes what is crooked straight. I also think that to find better understanding, we must explore where the misunderstanding comes in. I believe it was lost in the garden during the fall. We must go back to Genesis to clear up the confusion. So before Yah cursed the woman in Genesis 3:16, what were the terms before? What was Eve or Chavvah’s role in the garden. What stands out to me is that Adam wanted a helper and Yah gave him one from his side or rib. This is significant to me , because it suggest that they were equal in standing. But, I also want to mention verse 24 (they will become one flesh), because women are never meant to be  an independent party before or after the fall. So what changed after the fall? In Genesis 3:16, we see the curses to the woman. It says,”Your desire will be for your husband”. So what does this mean? The word for “desire” is “teshuqah“, which means a longing for or stretching out after. For example,the woman in scripture, displayed an intense need to be wives and mothers, from Sarah to Hannah and more extreme cases, Lot’s daughters. The next part is when I think the confusion really comes in. Next, is the ugly word”rule”. I think this word is used out of context. Simply,I think that they moved from side by side to an hierarchy. I feel like the better translation of the word”mashal”, is to govern. The same word is used in Genesis 1:16,when Yah put the sun,moon and stars in the sky. He said these lights will govern the sky, so the man will govern the household. I think a good example of this is when a woman changes her last name when married.It symbolizes not only a change in name but identity also. You become a maid servant to a master(husband or baal). These words sound scary, but trust me, it paints a beautiful picture of our allegiance to Messiah. If you can not serve your earthy master, then how can you serve your heavenly one? This is one of the reasons why this woman is hard to find. I know I talked a lot about one verse, but I hope I could bring some clarity to someone. To be continued..Shalom

Suggested reading: Proverbs 31, Genesis 3:16, Genesis 2:20-25

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