What is “Try Shalom”

Or should we rather say, what is “Shalom”. Most commonly known as an old Hebrew greeting for “Hello”. We are here to tell you that Shalom is much more, and can be most beneficial to any and everyone.

Here at TryShalom, we use the Bible to us find the true meaning of peace. We don’t aspire for momentary happiness, but for long-lasting life solidarity that provides proper foundations for our family, community, and our future as a whole.



Our main goal is to help you find “a peace of mind” with biblical principles that ensures life prosperity. We provide weekly readings,helpful ideas and discovery information, as well as an online store where we carry hand-crafted tzitzits, custom jewelry, apparel, and more.

TryShalom Blog

Looking for life advice?   New to the Bible?   Looking for peace?

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Ask a Question

“How should I handle death? “

                                      “Should I celebrate Christmas?”

                                                               “What does the Bible say about marriage?”

We know the circle can get small around you, and we all can question life in our trying moments. Sometimes, an outside unbiased opinion may have be able to provide the most positive answer. Whether you are new to Torah or just need some advice in any aspect of life. We will gladly provide you with a Torah based answer. This service is free and no subscription is required. Click here to get advice.



While we are currently organizing our on-sit store, please visit our Etsy Shop by clicking here, where we offer custom Tzitzits and Hebrew accessories.